Amid the global COVID-19 pandemic, the nation is under lockdown and in these conditions, the students are in a state of confusion regarding their exams. However, the state and central boards along with universities and MHRD are now bringing in clarification regarding the dates of exams including competitive exams.

Now is the time for students to start preparing for their exams, stay positive, focus on revision of key concepts and alongside analyze their weaknesses. This is the time for an urgent need to deal with the pressure of the coming examinations in a systematic manner and continuation of studies in an effective manner so that students do not jeopardize their future. The need of the hour is to utilize the time available productively and effectively with a concrete plan in place to make the best of it.

While you all are confined in the four walls of your homes, take this as an opportunity to prepare in full swing for the year end exams rather than letting this instance act as an impediment. The bigger issue is, how to go about the preparation, and rightly so.

Having a well-structured and organized revision strategy should be the first step to overcome this challenge. A student should start with calculating the number of days from day one to the final exam date. Now divide these days equally among the number of papers. This will give you an idea as to how much time you have for preparation of each subject. Some subjects and topics may require longer time and repeated revision for the subject to stay in the memory for a long time. Identify important topics that may require additional reading and practice and allocate time. This planning will help you complete the course efficiently and effectively in a phased planned manner.

Right strategy and time management will play a vital role in ensuring a good preparation for the exams. So, pick up a subject, and do a thorough reading of each chapter and a quick run through class notes, zoom sessions and essential concepts. The idea is to strengthen the basic concepts. In case you are unable to understand any concept then go over to any online platforms which provides explanation of the concept where you can easily get expert opinions, online classes, complete notes, mock tests, etc. for preparation. There are many portals that can be accessed from the safety and security of your homes.

Now is the time to pick up questions from past years’ question papers and take mock tests. These play an important role in identifying your strong and weak areas. Also, it will familiarize you with the pattern and the flow of the examination although there may be change in the new circumstances.

Last but not the least, stay motivated and take regular breaks to relax. Maintain calm and stay focused with determination. Staying healthy and taking care of yourself is now more important than ever. Ensure you get enough sleep, eat well and exercise. It is essential to maintain a positive attitude, focusing on the here and now, and what motivates you to keep moving forward in your day-to-day life.

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