COVID-19 has turned our lives around, from a March devoid of examophobia to online coursework to cancelled educational tours, this lockdown has changed the shape of the education system.

With life coming to a standstill, educational institutes are trying their best to limit the hinderance caused to students’ education. They are putting up mechanisms in place to ensure that the ongoing academic session does not suffer any setbacks. Many colleges, especially the market-driven ones, have already addressed the need of the time and have set up online and offline platforms to cater to the educational needs of students through Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams etc.

As parents or students, how events unfold hold a very high stake in the myriad of decisions surrounding the meaningful investment—personally and professionally—of college education. It is high time now that students should take a decision on their choice of college. In a normal year, this is the time of excitement when students can visit campuses, take campus tours, and get a feel of the actual ambience, before deciding about enrolling in a college. However, the current COVID-19 situation has brought new challenges to this procedure. Doing everything within the four walls of our home is now the “new normal” during this lockdown period.

In this scenario, how do students scan for colleges and finalise admissions? This is not an ideal circumstance for deciding upon a college but a smart student will be able to match his interests to the college. This is the right time to bring out one’s research and analytical abilities. Students should try to get information by looking online and then should call up the admission office directly and ask questions. The answers to these questions will help the students to learn a lot about an institution’s resilience, quality and standards as it would show how a college or university could effectively respond in turbulent times.

At such times, student oriented colleges will be able to provide online help to students for helping them take decision regarding their college admission. Such colleges have already put forward their admission procedure online for the convenience of the students. These forward-looking institutions of eminence are allowing students to book a seat in their courses by paying a registration fee, which is only a fraction of the cost of a full admission. Students can easily book and secure their seats without having to step out of their house. This is a sure way to ensure that when the time comes, students already have avenues to continue their education without any additional disruption.

The students should understand the importance of continuing education and wisely enrol themselves in their preferred colleges immediately to ensure the continuity of their education at the earliest. In such times, maybe we should realise that it is okay to scout online and secure a seat in the preferred institution, as this is the “new normal” during the lockdown.

After all, the early bird catches the worm is a truism at all times.

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